Numerous pests can harm your plants as they grow. Bugs are any sort of creepy crawly, plant illness, or weed that hurt your benefits and well being. Bugs, plant infections, and weeds that are not hurtful to your yields are not considered bugs. In the event that a pest isn’t found in sufficiently huge numbers to harm your yield, it isn’t a pest. To solve this problem farmers use pesticides that contain numerous harmful chemicals. Pesticides are harmful and can cause genuine medical issues. Experts advocate for sensible attention to the risks of pesticides. . Now let us explain the harmful effects of that pesticides and herbicides.

EFFECT OF PESTICIDES ON HUMAN HEALTH(मानव स्वास्थ्यए पर कीटनाशक के प्रभाव )

Particularities of working conditions open a few people to unsafe concentration of pesticides. Farmers, pesticide utensils, veterinarians, ranger service, agricultural, and park workers may contact with pesticides in their expert condition. Every year several cases of pesticide poisoning are registered. Dangers of harming rely upon lethality, dosage, time of introduction, and affectability. Pesticides may cause neurological and mental inconveniences, cerebrum tumors, growths, unconstrained premature births, stillbirths, and birth surrenders. Pesticide introduction is harming to the immune system. The endocrine framework is especially delicate to pesticides. Numerous pesticides are endocrine disrupters and can deliver inconvenient impact upon hormonal adjust of human body.

EFFECT ON ENVIRONMENT(पर्यावरण पर प्रभाव)

Pesticides are negative for nature and create impressive harm to biological communities. Bug sprays and herbicides might be destructive for non-target species. Pesticides pollute air, water and soil. Conveyed by the breeze, pesticide contaminates other places also. Pesticides influence extensively regular natural harmony. Pesticides decrease biodiversity, lessen nitrogen obsession, add to the vanishing of pollinators, threaten fish, and destroy bird and animal habitats. Pets may likewise end up noticeably influenced by solid pesticides.


The utilization of a few pesticides may add to the advancement of protection among the target pests. Extensive herbicide utilize brought about hereditary alterations in a few weeds with protection from pesticide mixes. The utilization of similar herbicides in a few zones for a long time prompted the advancement of invulnerability to the herbicides among focused plant species. Resistance makes weed control considerably difficult.